“Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you want to do.”

Aleigha Nicole

Aleigha Nicole is a New York Times bestselling—totally kidding—that sounded nice, though.

Entertaining and encouraging folks is what Aleigha Nicole is about.  As a recent college graduate trying to conquer her post-grad journey, she’s documenting the journey primarily through her YouTube channel.  She’s a former Entertainment News blogger and currently hosts a college series on YouTube called Thrive During College.  This series provides casual and entertaining college conversation through advice for incoming and current college students to help them have the college experience that is meant for them.

Her skill-sets include; acting, writing, social media managing, interviewing, website building, photography and video editing.  Browse this site for some of the work she’s produced and take a look at her resume.  She is a lover and supporter of Arts & Entertainment and enjoys storytelling through it.  Please feel free to contact Aleigha if you’re looking to collaborate or have any questions.

3 Fun Facts: A vegetarian, dedicated Dreamvillain and can quote the entire Mean Girls movie better than your friend. Bet.

Writing in third person isn’t weird for her at all.

Keep up with Aleigha, daily.

Live tweet some of your favorite shows with Aleigha on Twitter, check out some of her photography on Instagram and keep up with her odd but highly entertaining Snapchat stories. Username: @iamAleigha for all accounts.