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Chance The Rapper Is Looking for an Intern: I Applied

Click to view my resume deck, #TakeAChanceOnAleigha

Last week, Mar 27, Chance The Rapper sent out a tweet announcing that he’s looking for an intern.  “Someone with experience in putting together decks and writing proposals,” is what he said he wants.

I spent that week doing research and crafting the best resume for this job. However, he’s not asking for your typical bland resume, he’s looking for something different and outside the box.

He tweeted, he wants a resume crafted in the way of what the chosen intern’s tasks will consist of: pitch decks and proposals.

What better way to prove you’re right for the job than putting something together that shows your skill set in the most obvious way possible?

After spending last week working on my resume deck, creating and receiving feedback… Oh, and revising until my fingers bled, I sent it off to Chance and his team today, April 3.

Since I’m documenting my post-grad journey, I thought it would be dope to share this opportunity I’m going after and share the presentation with you. View the PDF version of the slide by clicking the link below.

Chance The Rapper Is Looking for an Intern: I Applied

Tweet and tag Chance (@chancetherapper) on Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #TakeAChanceOnAleigha on social media to show your support!

Watch this video to learn more about the process of me applying!

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